NJHS Winners

Congratulations to the winners for the National Junior Honor Society. They were able to be a part of it by having good grades and being a leader in the classroom. The students who are in this lab who made it are Tyler, Jerson, Jolin, and Resia. Congratulations to the newcomers in the National Junior Honor Society.


The Most Magnificent Thing Poem

Making a plan, I know that I can.

I’ve got to find wheels and steel.

Hope my finger heals, keep my eyes peeled.

Try, try, try again, if you don’t , you’ve never been.

and once you’ve been, you know you can.

I’ve tried my best, I’ve lived with zest.

You ask with jest, I’ve done my best.

I never quit too excited to sit.

You do it right, you will never lose sight

I won’t give up without a fight


Latest Class Project

In class we are currently learning genetics. We are also learning about genotypes, phenotypes, DNA, and heredity. Each student has a chance to discover deep into their culture, race, ethnicity, and nationality. We will go as far back as possible into our ancestry. Once we have information we will put it on a poster board to show off the generations.

Math Olympiads

Last week we took the first Math Olympiads test. This is a countrywide math competition. Students have only 30 minutes to solve very difficult problems. The test had 5 questions of the most advanced middle school math. Everyone answered at least 1 question right. Jerson was the co-winner with 3 questions correct!20161118_130252_resized