Ms. Mallette

And this month’s teacher spotlight goes to……..Ms. Mallette! Ms. Mallette is our 7th grade social studies teacher and she is amazing. She is very respectful and puts her foot down when she needs to. She may appear rough at some times when students don’t listen, but she does what she has to do in order to have her students be the best in the school. Ms. Mallette is also funny when she wants to be. Basically, she has two sides. One side is funny and easy going while the other side is academic oriented. She has taught us about so many interesting social studies topics. We can’t wait to have her next quarter! That is why Ms. Mallette has won the teacher spotlight award.




Mr. Crespo

Mr. Crespo’s role in this school is as a security guard. He’s our spotlight teacher because he is very nice and does his job respectfully. He helps students find out where to go and to open lockers. He makes us feel special. When I was trying out for baseball here at Windham Middle School, he was our  baseball coach. Unfortunately Mr. Crespo made us run a lot. He respects everyone he’s around. Even when someone is mad, frustrated, or upset, he puts a smile on everyone’s face. Mr. Crespo is a great friend to everyone. We are very grateful to have Mr. Crespo here at Windham Middle School.


Spotlight Teacher

We choose Ms. Barry, the music/chorus teacher, as our spotlight teacher. Today, September 21, 2016. During class, while practicing the piano, I asked her, “Why do we have to take classes that we don’t like?: She answered saying, “Well, the school wants the students to be well-rounded. I’ve had students who come in not having any interest in music/piano and later on as the year goes by they love it and even make piano their hobby.” It made me realize that sometimes we takes things for granted. We should all be grateful for the education we are all able to receive. Also, I you  think about it, all teachers try their best to be extraordinary. Just like some of us, the students try to be great for the benefit of everyone, but we should all try our best to be extraordinary. Just like teachers put in effort, so should we.