The Odd Night–A Write Around

This story is a write around. One person starts the story off. Then he or she passes the paper to the right. That person contributes by writing another sentence and then passes it around. The story takes on a life of its own.


On a dark and dreary night I listened to the rain pitter-patter on the roof. Everyone was playing a game, enjoying the game. Then all of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. the man at the door was dressed as a clown and¬†looked as hideous as a clown too. The clowned grinned man was pulling something from behind his back. It was a knife! He was holding at and then he stabbed the wooden table by the door with it. He was the angriest man ever. He laughed and handed them flyers for a haunted house event for families. The¬†family said, “Okay?” The little boy stood up and said, “Why are you dressed like a clown?” He ignored the little boy and creepily walked away. The second he walked away, the power went out. Everyone was screaming . “What’s going on?”, they said. The power came back on and there were two little girls standing at the door. It was the scariest thing ever. They both looked like twins. They had really creepy and cute doll features. “Hey!”, they both said. The mom said, “What the… how is this all happening?!?” The girls said, “Wanna play?” The little brother said, “I WANNA PLAY!” The little girls said, “Ok, let’s go play.” Then the lights went off again. When they came back on, the little brother went missing. The lights went off again and again and again. Each time a family member went missing. To be continued…