Math Olympiads Winners

In the beginning of the year, we started to participate in Math Olympiads. Math Olympiads is a elementary and middle school math competition that covers more accelerated math. This week we announced the two winners for 7th grade and all of the participants got a certificate. Jerson Rosario won 1st place in the competition, and Kaydence Crossley won 2nd place. Jerson also tied 3rd in all grades, and Kaydence tied for 4th.


Latest Class Project

In class we are currently learning genetics. We are also learning about genotypes, phenotypes, DNA, and heredity. Each student has a chance to discover deep into their culture, race, ethnicity, and nationality. We will go as far back as possible into our ancestry. Once we have information we will put it on a poster board to show off the generations.

Tyler and Sky made the basketball team

Congratulations to Sky and Tyler. They made the basketball team out of 32 middle schoolers and only  12 were accepted. Sky and Tyler both won both JV and Varsity by more than 40 pts. Tyler’s number is 5 and Sky’s  number is 23. Tyler says he chose #5 because he had that number last year. Sky chose #23 because Michael Jordan wore #23.

Math Olympiads 2

On December 14th, we held out second Math Olympiads competition. Students in 7th grade Gifted and Talented lab practiced once every week for the competition. Winners Jerson and Kaydence both earned a score of 3 out of 5 and beat almost all 8th graders! This is Jerson’s second time winning and we are very proud of our participants.

Jerson is celebrating his achievements!


If you go to Windham Middle School you know that our school has fun celebrations like Field Day, Fall Festival, and end of quarter events. If you go the school you also know we have normally one dance that is the all-anticipated SNOWFLAKE DANCE! if you are a 6th grader you most likely get really exited for this dance because this is likely your first dance. Our 2016 Snowflake Dance will take place on December 6th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. We are looking forward to it!ysfgjcepaextghbnlnpl.jpg

Soccer Champs!

Last Friday the Windham Middle soccer team won the championship against Mansfield. Josmar and Richard scored the goals. The final score was 2:1 with Windham winning. “It was cold outside and Mansfield was a very tough team”. said Jerson from the Windham Wildcats


Congratulations Wildcats!

6 Word Memoirs


Six word memoirs are phrases that express your self in only six words. These can have different meanings because the person reading it may think you are talking about something other than what you mean to.

Here is an example.


Be Careful! Don’t get too close.


This has a special meaning to it. This represents that someone was hurt when they had to part ways with someone really meaningful and it basically just tore them apart along with their heart.

Open House

On September 27, 2016 from 6-8pm WMS students/families attended Open House. Families first went to the auditorium to go over the schedule and have our principal Ms. Dubow talk about how excited she was , and about the school and staff. Next families went to their child’s homeroom/first period. Then guests went  to 2nd period(for 7th grade it was specials). After the 20 minute period, families and students went to the students 3rd period class, and finally to their last period. Overall it was a very fun WMS night and almost every child family enjoyed meeting teachers and reviewing what their child would be learning this year.