NJHS Winners

Congratulations to the winners for the National Junior Honor Society. They were able to be a part of it by having good grades and being a leader in the classroom. The students who are in this lab who made it are Tyler, Jerson, Jolin, and Resia. Congratulations to the newcomers in the National Junior Honor Society.


Math Olympiads Winners

In the beginning of the year, we started to participate in Math Olympiads. Math Olympiads is a elementary and middle school math competition that covers more accelerated math. This week we announced the two winners for 7th grade and all of the participants got a certificate. Jerson Rosario won 1st place in the competition, and Kaydence Crossley won 2nd place. Jerson also tied 3rd in all grades, and Kaydence tied for 4th.

The Most Magnificent Thing Poem

Making a plan, I know that I can.

I’ve got to find wheels and steel.

Hope my finger heals, keep my eyes peeled.

Try, try, try again, if you don’t , you’ve never been.

and once you’ve been, you know you can.

I’ve tried my best, I’ve lived with zest.

You ask with jest, I’ve done my best.

I never quit too excited to sit.

You do it right, you will never lose sight

I won’t give up without a fight